Goals vs Plans

Halfway into my goal of writing 20,000 words by the end of the year, I have to admit that I am on track only because I’ve had one stellar day of writing. I’ve had two days where I didn’t write at all, and another day where the writing was so stilted that I wrote over it the next day. Instead of feeling pumped by my self-imposed ten day challenge, I’m left feeling a bit directionless. Why?

This morning I realised the obvious—a goal without a plan is like putting a wish in a bottle, tossing it into the ocean and expecting the universe to provide. Which of course it doesn’t.

So for the remaining days of December, I’m giving the time-honoured SMART system a shot. Each day is planned out with specific times allocated for writing. Word and scene targets have been set, as well as contingencies for if I go below or beyond those targets. I’m feeling committed to the plan, and the excitement of having a big finish to 2014 is back.

I have a busy day today, so I’d best get cracking.

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