The long silence

Yep, it’s been some time since you last heard from me. Not because I haven’t been writing—there’s been lots of revision and writing and outlining new projects—but because it’s been a big year with highs and lows, and sometimes it’s better to turn the focus inwards than express everything to the world.

Right now I’m looking with excitement at cloudy skies. The summer here has already been long; the front yard is scorched to bare, cracked earth, the local river is running dry, and we’ve been on water restrictions for months. But the chances of rain for Christmas are looking pretty good, and for the first time in a decade, all of the family will be together for the festivities.

The start of this year saw me determined to have my writing take centre stage in my life, only for it to be nudged aside in the face of moving interstate, a return to study, changing jobs, a focus on mental health, and the death of an incredible woman, my grandmother. And yet, writing has always been there, burbling in the background, and as I look over my work and my journal, I can see a year of breakthroughs and growth, and maybe just a little bit more confidence.

As the year draws to a close and the inevitable list of writing goals start to emerge for 2016, I ask that you be kind to yourself, be honest about your ability to achieve what you set out to do next year, and remember to exercise—a healthy body leads to a healthy soul and a fruitful, creative mind.

Have a wonderful holiday season and very writerly new year.

2 thoughts on “The long silence

  1. Something about your paragraph regarding writing taking centre stage only to be nudged aside, suddenly brought to mind the image of a kaleidoscope.

    You know, you look through a small hole and focus on one point, on the centre, and then a little outward to try to take in the whole picture, only to give it a slight rotation, which then shakes up your whole “world view” and you find something different. It’s no less beautiful, and eventually if you keep rotating it, you’ll get back to the beginning where you started, yet the image will be different and more informed by everything else you’ve seen in between, does that make any sense?

    Most importantly, I’m so proud of you and as always, inspired by your strength, courage and general awesomeness!!! xo

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