Plot bunnies

They came a-visiting today.

They bounced all over the place, dropping unwanted characters and weird tangents all over my redraft. One plot bunny in particular was drunk.


Now I find myself cleaning up the mess. My favourite scene is broken, another a bit singed. And a little lass—who has murder and mayhem in her liquid brown eyes—has decided she likes it here. I guess she’ll stay.

As for the other bunnies, they’ve moved on.

No doubt they’re just down the street, already gambolling in someone else’s writing.

5 thoughts on “Plot bunnies

  1. I love this, not just cause it’s so true, but because it in and of itself paints a beautiful picture. Actually a fun animated picture that I imagined watching, plot bunnies taking over the little writers land, creating havoc as they go, and yet in the wake of their “destruction” and the dust they’ve kicked up, they may have unearthed a gem that you didn’t even realize had been buried there all along.
    Long live the Plot Bunnies. Amen 🙂

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