5 things I’m grateful for

Lately, I’ve been a bit swept up by studies, writing/not-writing, and life in general, and so I’ve forgotten to be grateful for all the wonderful things that happen daily. So I’m going to note a couple of them here to acknowledge that each day is a gift.

Today, I’m grateful for:

  1. My dog, Sheldon, who said ‘good morning’ by giving me a nose-to-nose boop.
  2. The autumn leaf that hit me in the face, reminding me that nothing stays the same.
  3. The electricity bill, which was way less than I thought it would be considering how much I used the air con this summer.
  4. My mum, who finally figured out FaceTime and isn’t afraid to use it.
  5. The ‘F’ key that fell out of my keyboard, because I swear just as emphatically while writing as I do talking…and maybe I don’t need to.

Enjoy today, everyone, and try to think about what makes you grateful.




One thought on “5 things I’m grateful for

  1. Love it! So much to be grateful for when we just stop and take a minute, and that little bit of Gratitude can just change the the trajectory of your day.

    I’m grateful for you and your writing, and your writing this post!


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