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2016-910 eBook Ness, MessengerMESSENGER: BOOK ONE OF THE SHIFTER WAR

For centuries, the deadlands have separated the kingdoms of Roldaer and Amas, enforcing an uneasy truce. But the deadlands hold their own secrets.

Danil is a deadlands scavenger, his days spent scouring a barren land for ancient battlefield relics and mage-crystals. When the brutal magi of Roldaer take over his village, Danil becomes the key to unleashing a powerful enemy set on plunging both kingdoms into war.

Desperate and on the run, he finds unexpected aid from the Amasian shapeshifters. Among them is Hafryn, an irreverent shifter who fights the magi with sword, tooth and claw. But safety with the shifters cannot last. As the magi set their plans into motion, Danil will have to embark on a terrifying mission to a broken citadel. Failure to stop the magi may cost him far more than his life, and Danil discovers that courage and determination may not be enough…

Messenger: Book One of the Shifter War is available via ebook from Amazon now.


TricksterKTeitzel_LOW RES


Hafryn never expected to make a life for himself on the deadlands. As a lone wolf, he’s always been on the move. But with treasured companions and a perplexing human who offers him an opportunity for more, Hafryn may just have a reason to stay.

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I acknowledge the Bindal and Wulgurukaba people upon whose Country these books were written.